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Jetty Beach Park–The Perfect Spot For Family Photos

Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Jetty Beach Park is a hidden gem and a perfect photo location for anyone looking to capture stunning shots of the Atlantic coastline. While there is an entry fee of $16 for a daily pass, and $25 for Brevard County residents, the private beach and all it has to offer is worth the price.

One of the main attractions at Jetty Beach Park is the cascading rocks along the jetty. The natural rock formations make for an excellent background and provide a unique texture to any photo. The rocks also offer a perfect spot to sit and watch the waves crash against the shoreline. The rocks are a popular spot for anglers, who cast their lines out hoping to catch a big one.

Jetty Beach Park is also equipped with a fun playground, making it a perfect location for families with young children. The playground offers a safe and enjoyable place for kids to play while parents can relax on the nearby beach or take some photos.

Speaking of sunsets, Jetty Beach Park offers some of the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever see. The park’s west-facing location makes it an ideal spot to watch the sun dip below the horizon. The sunset views are breathtaking and provide an opportunity to capture some of the most stunning photos you will ever take.

Finally, one of the unique aspects of Jetty Beach Park is that you can watch the cruise ships sail by. As the park is situated near Port Canaveral, one of the busiest ports in the world, you can catch a glimpse of some of the world’s largest cruise ships passing by. The ships make for an incredible photo opportunity and provide a unique perspective on the vastness of the ocean.

If you’re planning on visiting Cape Canaveral, Florida, and want to book a photographer to capture your memories at Jetty Beach Park, you can message moments by madilyn to learn more about pricing and packages. Overall, Jetty Beach Park is a perfect photo location that offers a little something for everyone, and is a must-visit spot for anyone in the area.

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